5 shoes to wear with shorts this summer


Although it doesn’t feel like summer here in the UK sometimes, we can always dream. Heres a couple of our seasonal favourites for your feet. Enjoy.


1) Novesta Star Master - Anytime, ANYWHERE - ££

Colours - black, white, beige, slate grey, olive, navy, green camo, light blue, pink and more.

Cost - £49 (Lows) - £55 (highs).

Styling - Causal to smart casual:

Shorts: Swimming shorts/ running shorts/ flat front shorts / chino shorts.

Short length: Knee - above the knee. 

Unisex sizing: Yes

All Day tip: Perfect for everyday wear, remember though that Novestas come up 1/2 - 1 size bigger than conventional shoe sizing so make sure you try them on first! 



2) Adidas Originals Continental 80 - Comfortable, sporty, iced out in white - ££


Colours - Plenty of choice with 24 different colour-ways. Some of our favourites are the Off white/Red, White/Red, Black/Red, Grey/yellow as well as the clear brown/ light brown/ gum 3 and white/grey one/ gum 3 TFL Collaboration. (https://www.adidas.co.uk/originals-x-tfl-continental-80-shoes/EE7267.html)

Cost - £75. (Sale price usually £29 - 50 depending on colour)

Styling - Casual: 

Shorts: Cargo/ flat front/ chino/ swimming shorts/ running shorts.

Short Length - Top of the calves - above the knee.

Unisex sizing: Yes

All Day Tip: Use the contrast two toned stripe on the sides to colour match your outfit. It doesn't have to be hard, just sling a red or navy t shirt on with some beige shorts and have some fun with it. 



3) Birkenstock Arizona/EVA - For those who enjoy an escape from the usual foot prisons - Arizona (££) / EVA (£)


Colours - Arizona: Black, anthracite, white, blue suede, pink suede, natural suede. 

                     EVA: Black, white, olive, navy, light blue, yellow, orange, grey. 

Cost - Arizona - £75.

                EVA  - £25.

Styling - Casual - smart casual:

Shorts - Cargo Shorts/ flat front/ chino shorts/ swimming shorts. 

Short length - Top of the calves - above the knee.

Unisex sizing: Yes

All Day Tip: Try wearing these with a patterned or plain coloured sock to add a lil something something to your usual outfit. 



4) Paraboot x Arpenteur Malo: From looking Sharp on that yacht party to sitting alone and looking fly in a rubber dinghy with a 6 pack of Carling - ££££


Colours - Navy, dark Brown, tan. black suede, brown suede, white.

Cost - £215 - 249.

Styling - Preppy/ Smart casual:

Shorts - Tapered chino/ wide fit pleated shorts/ flat front/ Bermuda.

Short length - Above the knee. 

Unisex sizing: No

All Day tip: Usually we would always recommend sticking to using an invisible sock to save both your feet and your shoes. However If you are going all out for a special event, why not try a long calf length sock with these with a double pleated short, short or long sleeve oxford shirt, leather belt and shades and channel your inner boujee Bermudan Businessman. 



5) Vans plain Slip-on - COMFORT NEVER LOOKED THIS GOOD - ££


Colours - Black, Navy, light blue, Sage Green, Checkerboard (white/black + various combinations).

Cost - Around £50 - £55.

Styling - Casual:

Shorts - Cargo/ board shorts/ swimming shorts/ Chino/ Flat front.

Short length - Between the top of your calves - above the knee.

Unisex sizing: Yes

All Day tip: If you want a more durable shoe for skating or just general wear try the Vans slip Ahaheim DX. This model, based on the shoes produced in the first Vans factory in Ahaheim, California not only has increased ultra-cush sock liners but also a 10oz drill canvas upper to see you through the summers of falls, spills and festivals. 








Prices stated for full price shoes and accurate as of 2018

 Note: All Day does do not own any of the photos above, they are purely for editorial purposes. 

Dan Phillips