Our top 5 Cult film clothing styles (in Pictures)

Ever watched your favourite movie and thought damn those guys knew how to dress or alternatively, why are they wearing a jacket made out of the old Rose and Crown's carpet! Well luckily for you we have trawled through the endless sea of films showing the same boring suits, mundane outfits and classic middle aged (given up) attire and used our knowledge to give you our top 5 picks, showcasing the effortless and sometimes overlooked styling in 21st century film...Enjoy.


1: KIDS - Larry Clark (1995)

You got any money?

Three pennies and a ball o' lint, kiiiddd


2: Romeo + Juliet - Baz Lurhman (1996)

Floral shirts for days..


3: Lords of Dogtown - Catherine Hardwicke (2005)

Where else would you find Emilie Hirsch and Heath Ledger looking bad as fuck.


4: Boyz n the Hood - John Singleton (1991)

90's inner city style down to a T.


5: Leon: The Professional - Luc Besson (1994)  

Those sunglasses though! 

Note: All Day does do not own any of the photos above, they are purely for editorial purposes.