BUBBLEGUM: A short film by Farran Golding

BUBBLEGUM is a documentary directed by Farran Golding in association with Rough Trade Books exploring the influence of John Carpenter’s cult classic film, They Live.

Starring style symbol, ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper, They Live reflects Carpenter’s cultural critique of mass consumerism, capitalism and American President Ronald Regan’s rugged individualist ‘laissez faire’ trade values. It’s underlying political commentary throughout the feature is one which we can (unfortunately) still relate to even more so today. More positively though, They Live saw the emergence of the iconic ‘OBEY’ logo later adapted by street artist Shepard Fairey and used as the graphic centrepiece of longstanding streetwear powerhouse, OBEY.

BUBBLEGUM takes a good look at the social commentary, the links between power, class and ‘peacekeepers’ as well as the ‘opium of the masses’ (advertising and consuming) displayed in They Live, with insights from Craig Oldham, (designer and editor of ‘They Live - A Visual and Cultural Awakening’) Roger Luckhurst (academic and author) and Ben Holmes (owner of Village Books).

If your still left hungry for more, check out, They Live: A Visual and Cultural Awakening, available at: http://roughtradebooks.com/books/they...



About those involved…

Farran Golding

Farran is a freelance journalist based in Leeds whose work focuses on subcultures, music and arts. BUBBLEGUM is his first short film.




Craig Oldham

Craig is the creative director of Rough Trade Books and an accomplished graphic designer whose output includes ‘In Loving Memory of Work’ (2015), ‘Oh Sh*t What Now?’ (2018) and ‘They Live: A Visual and Cultural Awakening’ (2019).




Roger Luckhurst

Roger is a Modern and Contemporary English Professor at Birkbeck, University of London, popular culture critic and author of several books on science fiction and horror. http://www.bbk.ac.uk/english/our-staf...

instagram.com/theprofrog twitter.com/TheProfRog

Ben Holmes

Ben is a co-owner of Village Books, an independent bookstore and gallery in Leeds.




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